Wicked Wednesday #224 — Puzzle Pieces

Eliza felt she was putting together the pieces of the puzzle, as she downloaded the new software for her smartphone. She pressed her head to the glass of the car that she was taking to her next meeting.

Seeing Margaux had troubled her, Margaux looked uncomfortable with her even as she tried to make it seem otherwise. And not being able to get Oscar on the phone, made her think that her must have gotten involved with Polly again.

She was happy that she could not talk on the phone for moments. Eliza needed the time to herself, not to think about Margaux or Oscar’s potential predicaments. Closing her eyes, she leaned back in the plush seat of the car and parted her lips. Breathing through her mouth, she tried to meditate.

But she was not able to concentrate, and stared at her phone which was downloading quicker than she had expected it to. The download was as fast as New York City in flashes, as they drove through the city.

Her meeting should have been on her mind, but it was hard to be focused. Selfishly, she thought about Oscar, and wondered if he was involved with Polly again. They were in Shanghai… She could not be mad at him about that since she was getting married after all, and her wedding was coming closer and closer. But when he was not with Polly, it made her feel peaceful. Her love for Oscar made her appreciative of polyamory. Certainly she had loved more than one man before in her life, but not like this.

Her phone beeped, and she picked it up to unlock the screen. As soon as she did, she saw messages from Rafe and Oscar.

Her heart leaped and stilled at once. The car came to a dramatic stop, and she screamed because she was afraid of being in another car accident.

It was only her mind that crashed…

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