Wicked Wednesday #219 — Alcohol

Eliza wished she could blame what had happened on the alcohol she had imbibed with Rafe and Margaux, but she knew that she was going to call Oscar before the night was out. The time difference in Shanghai, was such that it was completely different times of day for them. But she wanted to talk to him.

“So did you fuck her?” she asked him, trying to sound nonchalant. 

“You are you asking if I fucked my ex-girlfriend?” Oscar asked her, mirroring her nonchalance.

Eliza gulped. If he had fucked someone brand new, it would not have been as painful as it would if he had fucked Polly. Polly was a threat because he had really loved her, and she knew that if he was not with her anymore it did not mean that he did not love her. Polly had not been a casual fling, Eliza was not even sure Oscar had those, no matter what he alluded to. He had only been with her and Polly, in the time that she knew him.

“Yes, I am asking exactly that.”

“I want to fuck her,” Oscar said. “I want to touch her, being here with her makes me think of when we were together. And then you, texting me while you are with your fiancé and his other.”

“I was thinking about you, I miss you…”

Oscar said nothing, and she followed suit with him. Said nothing because she was not sure what to say.

“I have missed you every day since I met you…”


“Eliza? Every day since I met you…”

“Oscar, don’t–”

“First I thought I was never going to see you again, then I did and then we started this and there was always something. Always something to keep you from me…”

Her head spun at the memories of how their relationship had started. It had been difficult, but she had always…

“I love you,” she whispered, tears blowing across her lips.

“I love you…”

Her chest heaved when she hung up the phone.

Why was love so heavy, that it weighed her down to the ground?

Rafe held her close in bed, and she was happy that his arm was about her waist so he could not feel her tears, along his arm…

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