Masturbation Monday No. 110

Nichy looked out onto the street through the leaf-shaped holes, that decorated the small shopping bag where she got her macarons from. She saw Tyler’s thigh through them, and then looked up over the bag at him. He stared at everything with the wonder that she did, when she was first in Paris and she squeezed his hand.“This is my favorite cafe here,” she smiled.

Tyler turned, and studied her with the same wonder she thought was reserved for Paris.

“You have been here before a lot of times. Because of Sonia?”
Nichy tensed, she had never told Tyler a lot about her prior life. And at this moment, caressing a chocolate on the corner of the dish her coffee was on, and remembering making love with him in front of Sonia…she felt like telling him things she never told him before.

“I was with my boyfriend at the time too.”

The serious one? The one you told me you did not want to talk about?”

Nichy nodded, as she opened the tiny chocolate.

“Yes, him,” she answered. She paused, knowing she did not want to tell him about what had recently been going on with Graham. 

But the past was safe.

“I had a threesome in Paris with him, his name was Graham…” Nichy felt her clitoris twitch, just from mentioning his name. “…and Sonia.”

“You had sex with Sonia?”

Nichy nodded.

“It was something that Graham wanted, and at the time we were together? I wanted everything that he wanted. I did so many things with him I had never done before or since.”

“Was the relationship between you too so serious emotionally or just sexually?”
Nichy looked at Tyler, and tilted her head to the side ironically.

“I never thought about it that way, you know? I just knew that sexually it was very intense, and he was someone that I really wanted to please.”

“I feel like that with you, I always want to please you. Even when I saw you were with Renee. I was actually a little jealous because I always really liked you, and I always wanted to be with you. That was why I really pushed for the threesome…”

“I never sensed that with you!”

Tyler looked away from her, and picked up his cup of coffee.

“I think that you thought I was a clown, and I cannot really blame you. I was a clown around you, but it was because I liked you so much and I did not know how else to act.”

“And now, I want to please you. I want you to be happy because I care about you…”

They kissed at the table to please each other, Nichy did not care about the clatter of coffee cups and water glasses, or the melted chocolate on her hand as she pressed it on Tyler’s thigh. She spread her fingers over the hardness of his thigh, and pressed her own to his without abandon.

She once watched a couple make love in an apartment building lobby nearby. They were so eager they could not wait, and left the door jarred…
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paris cafe photo by f dot leonora


  1. I hope she keeps confessing her past to him, slowly and little by little, but without stopping. Maybe she can finally figure out what she wants and find freedom through it. 🙂

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