Wicked Wednesday #228 — The Countdown Begins

Eliza shifted under the covers, and covered her face as if she wanted to drown in the sheets. She began a silent countdown in her head, as to how this situation would resolve itself. How they would acknowledge what had happened and move on. She could not leave her own hotel room, maybe if she stayed on the terrace, the new guy would do what he should do. Leave.


The new guy’s name was Terrence. Terrence she hoped, would leave and be gracious.

She got out of the bed, wrapped in the sheets like Venus de Milo, but gracelessly almost tripping on the train. She walked out onto the terrace, and looked at Paris. Her favorite city in the world, with the scent of fresh-baked bread rising and life on parade below her.

Eliza was startled by the warmth of flesh on the small of her back. She had not really covered her back, and now the new guy–Terrence–caressed her back.

Before she could turn around to protest, Terrence caressed her arms and she dropped the sheet. Naked before him, she was perfectly still as he kissed the nape of her neck and down her spine. It felt so good, even though she wished it did not. She did not stop him, as his hands trailed down her arms, pinning her wrists to her sides.

“Sweet butterfly…” he murmured, as he let her hands go.  

Eliza turned around to face him, and pressed her breasts to his chest. Terrence pulled her close to him, 

“I did not plan any of this Eliza, I did not plan for this to happen but I am happy it did. Something would have burst in me if I did not touch you…”

She pressed her cheek to his, and looked up at him.

“Of course you did not plan to seduce me, to seduce your boss…” she laughed.

Terrence looked in her eyes, and something in his eyes made her still. He caressed her cheek, and she closed her eyes. He kissed her, and lured her back to the bed. 

They made love on the semi-sheetless bed, in the sunlight and it was illuminating…

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