Wicked Wednesday #288 — Whispers

There had been whispers, but it was face to face with Oscar that it was confirmed.

“So Polly and I have broken up again.” he stated.

Eliza looked at him with soft eyes across from the table, while she sipped a glass of Barolo.

“How do you feel about it?” she queried.

He ran his hands through his hair.

“I do not know, it is not the first time, and we have done it so much that it feels like we could be back together too…but for now broken up.”

“I am sorry,” Eliza lowered her eyes.

“How is Terrence?”

“Fine, Rafe too of course.”

Oscar nodded.

Hearing that he was single again made something leap in her. Which was not a surprise, it was Oscar after all, and they had been a big thing.

“What are you going to do now?” she questioned, looking in his eyes. “Are you going to spend some alone time? Or time trying to figure out what to do next?”

It was moments later, as she looked at her cell phone and was glad there were no meetings she had missed…it was then that she looked at the bottle of Barolo beside the bed, and reached for Oscar.

It had been such a long tome, that she never even thought it was possible again that they would be like this. But when he took her hand as she tried to reach him and pulled her for a kiss and was on top of her again as she was semi dressed, Eliza smiled at serendipity.

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