Masturbation Monday No. 170–I Miss You

Sabrina had not expected it, because she had not had to do it the entire time they were together, but…

She missed Harry, he was out of town for a few days and she missed him so much.

But she would not tell him.

She pretended like she did not care, even went to both bars near them without him—where he? she was asked about him and she stated the obvious.

He was not there.

When he texted her, she cradled her phone like she would cradle his face before a kiss and stared at it like it was magic.

How are you?

Good, you?



She typed a smiley face because she did not want to make this more than it was. Him asking her how she was.

Then on her screen:

Do you miss me?

Do you miss me?

And it was obvious. When he came back from the airport, and showed up at her door. She jumped up and wrapped her legs about him. He held her bottom, and she rubbed herself against him to say I miss you.

Her silent I miss you turned into kisses, and a slow blow job. Slow to savor his thighs, the muscles in them, the sound of his breath varying as she made him vary his breath. I miss you turned into kisses on his knees, fingers trailing inside his thighs and resisting putting her mouth on him like trying to hold back her own orgasm.

The pleasure was the same, his pleasure was hers. She fluttered her eyes, her lashes brushing his shaft and balls before she placed him in her mouth like the cherry on top.

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