Wicked Wednesday #220 — Sports

Oscar put his phone down on the bar, after he checked the US sports scores. His conversation with Eliza had drained him, she always knew how to possess him even from another country. After he put the phone down, he could smell the Polly like a perfume.

Polly sat on the stool beside him, and he had been drinking enough that he leaned heavily toward her.

“It is late,” he stated simply, as her bare leg caressed his.

“Couldn’t sleep, maybe jet lag or something?”

Oscar laughed.

“What can I get you to drink?”
“What are you having?”

He pushed his drink in front of her.

“Here, I have not touched it yet. I have had enough to drink.”

Polly took a delicate sip, and he looked at her lips for a long time. He had not thought of Polly like this for a prolonged time. They had been together, but he did not think of her in bed as much as he had on this trip. He felt like Eliza sensed it, because she kept calling him.

“What?” Polly asked him, her lips still pursed on the edge of the straw.

“Nothing,” Oscar smiled at her.

Polly smiled and pressed her lips together more on the straw, continuing to drink.

He leaned more into her, and put his hand on her thigh.

“How are you?” he questioned, feeling he was too focused on her eyes.


She put her hand on top of his.

He had no finesse when he pressed her to the wall outside of her hotel room moments later. He could taste the liquor on her lips, as his hand wandered under her dress and she wrapped her arms about his neck. Oscar closed his eyes and pressed himself to her, kissing the hollow of her neck. Dipping his tongue against her tender skin there, he almost wanted to burst her. To leave his mark like a vampire. He felt dead inside, and Polly was life.

“Are you pretending I am Eliza?” she whispered sultrily. “I heard you…”

“I am with you now Polly…”

Her body softened, and they molded together. She did not even ask to go into her hotel room, against the wall was good enough for her as well…

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