Wicked Wednesday #221 — Reading

Polly watched Oscar reading the complimentary English newspapers on the edge of her bed. She had woken up later than him, and was still naked under the covers. They had made it to her bed, after a very long night…

“Hand me the art section?” she asked sleepily.

The auction was later that evening, and she wanted to read everything about it in the paper. Polly was surprised when instead of handing her the newspaper, Oscar placed the paper on his lap and caressed her face.

“You’re beautiful…” he said, and she closed her eyes.

Polly rolled onto her back, and Oscar covered her within seconds. She gripped his back pulling him more to her. Her body remembered and relished him as a lover, and her mind was clear. Colin had told her that she could do whatever she wanted with Oscar, that it would make their relationship stronger. But Polly felt that she was not over Oscar, and she could not read his mind but he was making love to her like it mattered.

The newspaper crumbled under him, as he rolled onto his back, and she rolled on top of him. Oscar smiled, then kissed her. Polly sucked on his bottom lip, her fist landing onto the crumpled newspaper. She smiled as she realized what was happening between them was the latest news.

“Why are you smiling?” he asked her, tracing her lips with his finger.

“Secret smile,” she said, and felt said smile widen on her face.

“I’ll tickle it out of you!”
“You know I am not ticklish, that must be one of your other girls Jack…”
“You pretend not to be ticklish, and I give up because it is not fun after awhile…”

“I missed you,” Polly said without guile, again trying to read his face.

“I missed you…” He kissed her neck, and Polly closed her eyes as his mouth moved over her body with the intention to mark…

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