Masturbation Monday No. 137

Nichy stumbled into her apartment much later that day, texts from Tyler and Drew had kept her attention for most of the day at work. Tyler texted that he was sad he was not there. I miss you, I want to be with you, see you soon…And from Drew…I miss you, I want to be inside you, when am I going to see you?

With Tyler her texts were sweet. Miss you too, sad you are not here, see you very soon.

With Drew it was: I miss you, I want you inside me, I want you to come inside me, I want your come all over me, I want to go to London now…

Come to London. Come now...he texted back to her.

You want me to come now?

Yeah, of course I want you to bloody come. 

Maybe I can come in New York for you?


Face Time call coming in.

Drew on an angle, lying on his bed on her screen.

“Why aren’t you hard?” she panted at the screen.

“Don’t you want to see my pretty face?” he questioned with a smile, and pursed lips.

“Yeah, but I want to see your pretty dick too!”

Nichy slammed the door behind her, and threw her things onto her couch. Missing, she did not care. She held her phone with one hand, and slipped her hand up behind her back to unsnap her bra, and she made a show of pulling it from the front of her dress.

“And how about your pretty tits? And that pretty cunt?”

Nichy laughed, her cheeks hotter than being to close to a stove, and threw herself onto her couch, pulled her dress up and pulled the crotch of her thong to the side. Pretty cunt revealed. Then she pulled her breasts out and up over the bodice of her dress.

Everything on view.

His pretty dick was hard when she looked at the phone. So into her show for him, she did not see see him on his mattress and his very pretty dick exposed at first.

She closed her eyes and she could taste him, and caressing her nipples, she came and she had not even touched herself down there…
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