Wicked Wednesday #255 — Strangers

Still curled up by the dresser on the floor, Eliza stared at her phone, her words to Terrence making her eyes water.I love you.

She remembered when they were strangers, she had not even liked him when they met. But secretly, even though she disliked him, she was aware that he was attractive. Speaking fluent French on his cell phone, she studied him and then looked away. She remembered being with him in Paris, her French was not native like his even though it was strong. 

Eliza could not believe after the big talk up about how he was going to expand business for the company, the next thing she knew was the click of her heels walking out of his office, after she had let him go.

Eliza had had sex with four men in Paris, Terrence was the last one, and the hold he had on her now was like nothing she had ever known. She had not expected to fall in love with him, and it made her feel vulnerable and scared as a tear splashed on the screen of her phone, and made the word love look like a rainbow drop.

I love you.

Terrence had texted her back, and tears flowed down her cheeks.

When they kissed for the first time, it felt like liquid fire between her legs and she knew that she had hidden her desire for him from herself. 

Because she liked men who told her no, men who made it hard. But Terrence had not really been that hard. It had all been a front to hide that he wanted her, and that he wanted to pretend that he did not because it would not have been okay at work for them to act on their feelings.

But what had felt more natural than lying under him, when he was first kissing her? Their first kisses were liquid fire, and she thought she would ignite.

Like she did now, the sun in the distance illuminating their love and she was not sure what they were going to do now that they were covered in love…
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  1. I so wonder what will happen next, what Eliza and Terrence will decide to do. And of course I know what the next prompt is, so this might just get interesting…

    Rebel xox

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