Wicked Wednesday #254 — Nature

Eliza tossed and turned in bed, her legs were cool as they slipped from under the blanket. Rafe did not even stir as she moved about in the bed. He was used to her being a wild sleeper.It was not in her nature to sleep still, and it was not in her nature to be able to sleep when there was something on her mind.


Her feet and legs were even cooler as she padded across the bare wooden floor of their bedroom, and fished her phone out of her bag. There were no messages from Terrence, and against her better judgment…against her nature more so than anything else, Eliza pressed the home key and the Messages icon.

The home button lingered under her finger like fire, and she began to type like it.

I know that you probably do not want to hear from me, but I have not stopped thinking about you, and I want you to know that we were both blindsided here and that I had no idea…

And I miss you already.


She placed the phone on the dresser, and was going to walk away…until she saw Terrence’s name on the screen.

Cannot sleep, missing you and thought I would never hear from you again.

Eliza pressed the phone in her hands as if it was Terrence there, she would have crushed him as much as she could in a hug if she could have held him.

I know that you did not know, I know everything and even more so that I miss you Eliza…

She slumped in the corner with the phone, stealing a look at Rafe still on the bed and breathless with emotion and wondering what to write Terrence…finally…

I love you.
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