Wicked Wednesday #290 — Marathon

After marathon lovemaking in the hotel with Oscar, Eliza had to catch herself. She threw her head back on the backseat, and looked at the busy streets of Manhattan fly past her. She could still feel Oscar inside her, and it was a precious feeling to her.

And taboo at the same time.

She crossed her legs, and looked at her phone. She had messages from Rafe and Terrence, but all she was filled with was Oscar. How good it felt, how familiar it felt and when was it going to happen again between them?

She saw a message from Oscar pop up on her screen, and it was like she was a teenager all over again.

I miss you already E. Want to see you again. Soon.

She turned her phone facedown on the seat beside her, and realized the ball was in her court. That she could make it happen again between them, and he was saying that he wanted it to happen again.

In the beginning before she and Rafe opened up their relationship, she thought that she… that it was possible that she could have left Rafe to be with Oscar. Now that was inconsequential, because she can be with him and Rafe and Terrence would just have to deal.

She sat up straighter as saw the Empire State Building, and realized that her love was equally as tall.

When are you free? When can we get together again? She texted and closed her eyes, eager for his response.

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