Wicked Wednesday #292 — Gadgets

Eliza was very attached to her gadgets. After her rendezvous with Oscar, she was able to use them to keep track of Rafe and Terrence.

Terrence texted her, and she wiped her hair out of her eyes.

Have not seen you in forever, I miss you.

She loved how much sentiment she got from him now. He was so different. When they first met at work, she thought he was abrasive and a smart ass. But now she realized that he was the way he was with her, because he was fighting against liking her.

But what had happened since then and now was inevitable.

She looked at her phone again, and saw a text from Rafe.

Taking you out tonight—get all dolled up because I just want to see you like that.

Like a doll? she teased with her text.

Yes, my doll.

Eliza loved that Rafe still wanted to see her dolled up. He liked the way that she looked, and she liked to get dolled for him because she loved to watch his eyes when he looked at her.

Placing her phone upside down on her lap, Eliza adjusted her wireless headphones. She moved to a sensual playlist that she liked, when she was feeling like she was today.

Then she picked her phone up, when it vibrated, and it felt like her recent sex with Oscar.

Vibrating in all of the spots where Oscar had.

Oscar, a text from Oscar.

I miss you, do you miss me?

That soft vulnerability in his text.

Hadn’t she always missed him?

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