Masturbation Monday #173 — Sense of…

“Where are you going?”

Sabrina paused when she heard the words from Harry’s mouth. She was just thinking about getting out of bed, but there was a subtle panic in his voice that quietly alarmed her.


She turned to face him in the bed, and she was confronted right away with the hardness of his chest. The moment that she touched his chest, she knew that she was not thinking about going away. They pressed their bodies together, and joined so easily as one that Sabrina was taken aback. The feeling of him inside her, was something that she did not want to leave behind. It was something that she knew that she was going to want again. He held her breasts, and pulled her back to his front and she was lulled into a sense of security.

Or at least a secure lust.

But when she woke up, his hands still gripped her breasts making her feel like she was trapped, Sabrina lie against him feeling imprisoned. Like she could not move.

And she did not move until he woke up, squeezing her breasts and kissing her neck. It was awhile before she untangled from him. When she did, she saw bruises in her breasts in the bathroom mirror and it made her smile. She had been his possession over night—the way he gripped her.

She caressed her breasts, following the shape of the bruises and she wondered…she wondered what she wanted to feel…

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