Masturbation Monday #179 — New York

Sabrina curled into a ball, overwrought with emotion and sensation. She and Carole had had a long night. Carole was within a breath’s reach of her on the bed, but Sabrina could not have any more sensation. She was sore from all the penetration, and licking between her legs.

The man they had been with was long gone, even though Sabrina remembered him and Carole kissing for a long time at the door before she drifted off. Their hands all over each other in the door jamb and passion she recognized…

Now she was awake. Her overwrought emotions were all the more unsettling, as she remembered what she had been dreaming about.

Now that she was in Paris, she dreamt about Harry. About the color of his skin, about the warmth of his body, about him close to her, closer than was now in bed with Carole.

She saw his eyes in her dream, boring into her still, and she crawled into even more of a ball, thinking to herself that in New York with him all she could think about was being in Paris doing what she had just done…now she could only see his eyes and imagined what he was doing in New York. And she knew if she saw his eyes like she did, that he was thinking of her. She was clairvoyant she knew that.

The night before, Carole’s man walked in, and watched them for a bit before he joined them. It was clear that he and Carole had a special rapport—but he enjoyed Sabrina as well and she liked that. But when she fell asleep later, she had the dream. She was in New York, in her apartment which fluidly turned into parts of Harry’s apartment as she navigated the space in the dream—they had been basically living together. Harry appeared in the dream, and it was his eyes that penetrated her. His eyes were on her, and she could not keep her eyes off of him. It felt like a spell, but more than that and equally as magical. He pulled her close to him, and she wrapped her arms about him. Between her legs felt like the soft fire that she felt, when she was aroused and she rubbed herself against him.

But they did not make love, and she woke up jarred by that. Her body ruminated with the sex with Carole and her man, but she ached for Harry, and closed her eyes with her hands between her legs thinking how happy she would be to be back in New York.

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