Wicked Wednesday #297 — Rainbow

Sally had a rainbow on her t-shirt the first time they had sex. Oscar remembered it as her being so aggressive and her being the one that really took control of the situation, but she remembered it differently. His approach was not slick or smooth—but it was genuine and she knew that he liked her so she felt comfortable enough with him to make an approach. To be closer to him, even after they had done everything but so many times before.

Even now, she got dressed and thought how random fate was. She came to New York for something entirely different that she would have to deal with in the coming days, but now here she was with Oscar.

He was putting on his tie, and she sashayed over to him playfully and helped him tighten it. He kissed her jaw, and she smiled as she kissed the tips of his fingers in her hands.

“How long are you going to be in New York?” he asked suddenly, as if real life just hit him, juxtaposed to what had been real but surreal sex.

Sally looked at him, and shrugged honestly. She would tell him why she was there if he asked, but only if he asked. Their history was vast and wide, but she did not owe him anything and he told her that he was involved with another woman at that.

But she would tell him anything he asked, if he asked.

But instead, he got sentimental, pushing stray strands of hair back from her face and looking at her as if her expression was some kind of admission in and of itself.

“I cannot believe just running into you like this. Just running into you, and now being here with you in your hotel room.” He leaned in to kiss her, and she closed her eyes and savored their kiss like she would never kiss him or anyone ever again because she never knew what fate had in store. Everything was not always coming up rainbows like on her shirt the first time they had sex, and she kissed him like she was now. Because she knew they were on the precipice of something, and she was scared to lose it…

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