Wicked Wednesday #296 — Chemistry

The chemistry between the two of them could not be squashed. Oscar had to be honest to himself, that when he talked about Sally to Eliza he felt it then. It had been such a thing between them. Sally had been his everything, and he could not keep his hands off of her. The only reason that they had ended was because they were separated.

So when he saw her again, it was hard to keep his hands off of her.

So he didn’t.

Sally was beside him in bed, quiet and pensive. She was different than she had been when they were first together. Her lovemaking was even more intense, and he was afraid he was going to come too soon because she knew his body and how to make him explode.He rested his hands on her hips to let her know to stop, and she did. Her enjoyment of him remained evident on her face, and at the leisurely way she rode him. Her hands explored her body and his, touching explosive bits on both of them.

Oscar was overwhelmed, and he had to think about things like a cold shower so he would not come. Sally’s tells were like before, when she came she wanted him to come to. She knew exactly where to touch him, where to caress him so he would lose control.

When he first made love to her, it was not like this. He enjoyed her body, but his skill was not where it would eventually become with other lovers. For him to have been as confident as he was to have approached Eliza like he did, it would take some time.

“Are you still overthinking?” Sally turned, and put her hand in his chest.

Sally knew his mind too, so it was hard to lie to her.

“Of course I am.”

Sally kissed his chest.

“I’ll tell you a secret, there has been no other man like you in my life. No one else that it has been like this.”

“In California?”

Sally shook her head.

“No, California was not like this. There were men of course, but not like you.”

“My secret? There’s a woman that I have had a relationship on and off with for years. Still. She is in an open relationship, it’s complicated. But we talked about you recently, it was random but everything came back, and I remembered how much I loved you. It was hard, but I loved you in a different way than I love her because I had never been in love before.”

“I had not been in love before either.”

She curled up against him, and he held her close. The scent of her skin and hair continued to drive him crazy. The same perfume, that if he smelled it even not on her he remembered her. He had tried to squash Sally, but here she was like a phoenix risen from the ash…

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