Masturbation Monday #178 — Paris At Last!!!

Paris had been calling Sabrina in her dreams, so she went there. With her friend Carole. She never told Carole about all the changes that she made with her persona. Carole just accepted her as her friend…period…

Since Carole was in Paris, she could not resist going since it had plagued her dreams.

And so her dreams came to life like a statue, and her dreams without Harry was something that she was not ready for.

She and Carole had fooled around a lot, if it was for some guy or whatever. They did it a lot. After Carole picked her up from the airport, they went to the sexy hotel where Carole was staying and attacked the decadent mini bar…it was not a surprise that she and Carole ended up kissing. Neither one of them was really drunk, just buzzed and there was magenta velvet everywhere.

“You taste like velvet,” Carole whispered, as she delicately licked the shell of Sabrina’s ear.

Sabrina remembered Carole licking her somewhere else, and before she could move, Carole had removed both of their plush magenta robes. She kissed Sabrina’s neck, and between her breasts, dipped her tongue in her navel and then kissed between her legs.

It felt so good, Sabrina squirmed and Carole’s tongue followed her wherever she went. Brushing her hair out of her face, Sabrina lifted Carole’s chin up to her.

“I want to taste you,” Sabrina said.

“But I am not done feasting on your pretty pussy yet!”

So that meant one thing.

Sabrina felt herself get even more slippery when she saw the two of them in the mirror doing sixty-nine. She liked to see herself have sex and watching Carole munch on her the way that she did, and watching herself with her eyes lowered in lust licking Carole…the visual was making her come as much as the sensation. As well as the scent of the room, redolent with the scent of their wetness.

“You know,” Carole grinned. “You are fucking me like you are on camera…”

Sabrina smiled, looking like a Cheshire cat.

“Am I? I never know with you!”

“Well no, but there is a man looking at us on the other side of the mirror. A friend of mine, and he told me he could not imagine me with a woman and I told him there is a woman, one woman who gets me hot as fuck. That’s you.”

Sabrina laughed.

“You are mean, let him in! Being on the other side of the mirror?”

“Are you sure?” Carole was wide-eyed.

Sabrina playfully licked Carole like cream.

“Oh yes, let him in…”

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