Masturbation Monday No. 134

Nichy was still lost in her thoughts, as she stared absently outside of the airplane. Carole returned to her seat beside Nichy on the aisle.”Nichy,” Carole whispered loudly. “I changed in the bathroom, I put on the new bra I got in Paris.”

Nichy was quiet, she had not gone to Paris with Carole. She had been with Drew, but it was nice now to be with her friend, who after she had met Drew…she had barely had enough time with…

“Instant gratification.” Nichy quipped.

“Come, you have to just touch the strap…”

“Carole!” Nichy exclaimed, in a loud whisper.

“Come on! You have to touch it, I almost got one for you in Paris but was not sure…touch me!”

Carole swayed in her seat, and hummed the melody to “Touch Me” by the Doors.

Lulled by Carole’s singing, Nichy did touch her bra. It was the softest lace, and felt like butter. 

Carole moaned softly. 

“Feels nice, right?” she asked her.

Nichy nodded even though Carole could not see her because her eyes were closed.

Carole kept swaying in her seat, and Nichy clutched the strap of her bra like a rein.

Was it an accident, or did she touch Carole’s breast of her own volition? Or was it with Carole’s help, since Carole’s hand was on top of hers?

Drew had said that he wanted to see the two of them get it on, and they had not. 

But now, Nichy caressed Carole’s friend absently, loving the sweetness of Carole’s soft breast.

She had left New York, but she had not left the entanglements of desire that always seemed to web around her.

“Do you want to touch my pussy like that?” Carole moaned into her ear.

Nichy continued to caress her friend’s breast, as her whisper scalded her cheek.
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  1. I’m almost at the point of who cares what Nichy wants because *I* want her to get it on with Carole, lol. No really, I like that she’s self-aware enough to realize she’s entangled herself like this with so many people and in so many ways.

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