Wicked Wednesday #252 — Recollection

When Eliza went home, she wanted to decompress and forget about the day. Her recollection was  too fresh, as she closed her eyes and put her hand to her head.


She looked at Rafe, and could tell that he was very concerned for her. Opening her eyes wide, she smiled at him.

“Just a long day,” she smiled wanly. She knew her smile was weak, but that Rafe would let it go if she smiled at all.

“Poor baby,” he said, and wrapped his arms about her. Her ring was snagged in his shirt, and she pulled it away delicately.

“I’m okay,” she said, her head resting on his chest.

Eliza always felt so safe with Rafe.

He tilted her chin up at his face, and she closed her eyes as he pressed his slanted lips across hers.

She saw Terrence then in her recollect, she saw him when she went back into his office. Terrence had smiled at first when she walked in, but the tight way she pressed her lips together surely let him know it was not a visit for pleasure.

Eliza sunk more into Rafe’s kiss, to soothe herself. To make her forget the look on Terrence’s face when she let him go. She had not been able to say anything else, to him because he had grabbed his personal belongings, and walked around her out of the door of what had been his office.

She closed her eyes, and kissed Rafe deeper, wanting to forget everything but his kiss and his comfort.

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