Jade A. Waters Gives Us Well Deserved Discipline!!

First there was The Assignment, and now there is The Discipline! I am always happy to invite my friend Jade A. Waters on my blog because she is AWESOME! Even before I knew Jade, she was an inspiration to me. And with the completion of this series, I am in complete awe of her because she is the real deal–and she writes like a dream! Unless you have been under a rock, I cannot imagine that you do not know what a brilliant and beautiful writer Jade is! But it is not beneath me to initiate you into the world that is Jade’s, with an excerpt from her latest!!!

Excerpt from The Discipline, by Jade A. Waters:
“I’m dying to know more of what you’ve got planned,” I said.
“Mmm. Good.” The gravelly sound of his voice hastened my pulse. We were almost nine months in, closer, stronger, well versed in this magical game between us, yet the gravid atmosphere of the room bristled with an all new energy in the time it took Dean to lead me into the lounge area before stopping me beside one of the couches. “Because I have many things in mind.”
My knees wobbled beneath me, my chest lifting in sync with the speeding of my breath. Sparks burst along my spine and spread through the base of my skull as he stepped in front of me and sat on the arm of the couch. “Will you share? What do I have to do to earn my rewards?”
Dean lifted his fingers up to his neck to loosen the tie he’d worn. His gaze was so heavy I clenched my knees together. “For every thing we do, every test, you’ll get a reward.”
Test. God, I loved the things he said to me. I didn’t move, keeping my hands flush against my sides while he unfastened his top button. With his tie askew, the top of his chest exposed and that magnificent light in his eyes, I was amazed the clank of my heart hadn’t deafened me yet.
“Whatever fantasy you want, Maya, it’s yours.”
He remained still, the picture of confident, sexy and in control that I loved. I’d gotten used to every side of him, including the scruffy and relaxed version that tied me up while he wore something as simple as jeans and a T-shirt. But dressed up and debonair, the drawl of his words and the casual sling of his body shot a current of lust through my veins.
“What’s my first test?”
“You pick your poison.”
I raised an eyebrow.
“Get everything we brought,” he said, tilting his head toward our bags. “Lay it all out. Pick the one—the ones—you want tonight. But…” he paused, one hand caressing my waist, “…the condition is that whatever you pick must include some way for me to bind you.”
I pressed my hands tighter to my thighs, somehow knowing it was better to wait, no matter how much I ached to scurry about and make it start. I needed his touch, his command.
Dean’s fingers slipped along my hips, squeezing me once before he dug his thumbs into my hip bones. When I moaned, he said, “Let’s go, naughty girl.”
My heels felt unsteady as I crossed over to our things, Dean doing nothing but sitting in place to watch. I picked up the cinch bag I’d repacked before dinner, then rummaged in his suitcase for the bag he tended to carry our things in. The mass of them both in my arms was heavy, and I clutched them to my chest while I walked back to Dean. After I set the bags beside the glass coffee table, I kicked off my shoes and dropped to my knees to better spread everything across its surface.
“How are you so damn good?” Dean stepped up behind me, one hand curving under my chin to make my groin flex. His presence against me, grazing my shoulder as I started pushing each piece around, made it difficult to contain my breath. But this test was sexy. I arranged everything like it was meant to be on display in a gallery; first I laid out Dean’s black rope, then the coil of burgundy rope I’d brought. Next the vibrator, lube and flogger, this last piece taking up a whole corner of the table on its own. In his bag I also found the bed straps we often used at his place. After that, I lowered the leather cuffs to the table.
Dean ran his fingers through my hair, stroking the long strands from the root and down as far as he could reach. “We’ll need more in time, but we’ve got a good little selection going, don’t we?”
The heat steamrolling my body almost made me scream when Dean gave my hair a firm tug to tilt my head up. He was grinning.
And I was wet.
“We do.”
“So what’s your pick, beautiful?”
I reached for the cuffs first. Dean groaned.
“Exquisite. You look extraordinary with those around your wrists.”
I curled my toes in the carpet, then pitched over the table. My hand floated over the rope, a purposeful tease before I looked up at Dean and shifted my hand above the flogger. This time, I grinned. I wrapped my fingers around the handle and Dean gave my hair another tug.
“You’re sure?” he asked.
“Yes. I want to try it.”
He was the breathless one now, and it turned me on even more—how bright his eyes were, how, for a moment, he couldn’t keep his calm.
“But…I want more,” I said.
Dean wet his lips as I laid my hands on both the vibrator and the lube.
“I want you to fuck my ass after.”
“Is that your fantasy tonight, sexy?” He twisted my hair in his hand, the pressure firm on my scalp. “How you’d like to come?”
I resisted his hold to swing my head up and down, the move exciting us both, and once Dean drew me into his arms, his body pressed hot to mine. When I started to drag my hands up his back, he pushed them behind me. From the opening in his shirt, I smelled the hint of amber on his skin over his masculine, natural scent. In his embrace I already felt myself falling before his mouth drifted closer to mine.
            “Whatever you want is yours.”
The Discipline, book two of Lessons in Control, available now!
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