Guest Blogger Jade A. Waters Gives Us The Reward!!!

I am so honored to be here today! First, it’s such a treat to get to visit the lovely F. Leonora, especially with her incredible cheers and notes of encouragement to, like, everyone in the writing community. She is a superstar and I have never been more grateful to know such a sweet person! But […]

Jade A. Waters Gives Us Well Deserved Discipline!!

First there was The Assignment, and now there is The Discipline! I am always happy to invite my friend Jade A. Waters on my blog because she is AWESOME! Even before I knew Jade, she was an inspiration to me. And with the completion of this series, I am in complete awe of her because […]

Guest Blogger Jade A. Waters Gives Me the Best Assignment Ever!!!

I am practically lachrymose posting this piece, because I am sooooooooo very proud of my friend Jade A. Waters! Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that her amazing first book, The Assignment in her new series has been released. To see Jade’s star shine like this makes my hear glow! She was one […]

Poet Guest Blogger: Jade A. Waters

I wrote this blog post, early in my blog career before I really knew Jade…long before she became involved in Pillow Talk , or we were both part of Chemical [se]X…because Jade is an awesome lady. Listen to her podcast with Rose Caraway, she is one of the most amazing and just completely infectiously wonderful people […]

To Have…Guest Blogger Malin James Talk About Roadhouse Blues!!!

Malin James is a special friend, and as far as I am concerned (and as I tweeted yesterday), she is the gold standard as a writer, and more importantly as a human. I am honored to have her as my guest today, with a decadent post after my own heart to promote her new collection, […]

Elust No. 94 With Sticky Note No. 14 — Center

A brand-new sticky note, that I meant to post awhile ago. As I was posting for Elust…I remembered! Still thankful for Jade A. Waters for reminding me I used to do these…You can read another one that I wrote, and a lot more sexiness in this edition of Elust with a gorgeous, gorgeous photo from […]

Sticky Note No. 13 — Mount

I have not written a sticky note in forever, but I was texting my friend Jade A. Waters (who is blogging an AMAZING poetry series right now), and she mentioned that she thought my handwriting on my previous notes was neat…so I figured I would pick up where I left off… She wrapped her legs about him […]

The End of an Era: Tamsin Flowers Tantalizes with Alchemy xii One Last Time…

This year Mad Men had its series finale, and now? Tamsin Flowers‘ Alchemy xii series has reached its final chapter–I really cannot say much more…I am letting Tamsin take over!!! Alchemy xii – December: It’s the end of an era… First of all, thank you, F Dot, for having me over today – I love your blog, so […]


                  You’re never too old to rock and roll – or to do the horizontal bop, for that matter… This anthology focuses on that often-neglected sexual being, the older woman. Ten writers offer up a variety of takes on lust and love in later years; wistful, joyful, […]

Guest Blogger Xan West Shows Themself to Us With Their New Book Release!!!

I discovered Xan West as an e[lust] judge. Their informative, layered and sexy writing always got to the core of me. It is with a great deal of pleasure that I am the current stop for the blog tour of their new release Show Yourself to Me. Without further ado, I will let Xan show […]