Masturbation Monday No. 135

Nichy coaxed Carole’s breast out of the cup of her bra, biting her tongue as she flicked her friend’s nipple back and forth.”You know, Drew would have liked to have watched us…” Nichy said, kissing first and then biting Carole’s neck. 

“On the airplane?” Carole panted, as she parted her legs and Nichy knew what she wanted. She wanted her to touch her pussy, as she had asked before. 

It was dark on the plane, and Nichy stopped touching Carole’s breast and Carole audibly gasped. Nichy smiled, as she watched Carole slip her hand under her blouse and played with her own breast. 

“Cover yourself with your blanket,” Nichy suggested in a whisper to her friend.

Carole looked at her with wide eyes, but then Nichy saw when Carole caught her drift.

The airplane was not crowded, and they were the only people in their row. The stewardess had just walked by, and they were both covered in their blankets.

As soon as she was a couple of rows up, Nichy watched Carole unsnap her bra from the back. 

But now, instead of her breasts, Nichy slipped her hand under the blanket and touched Carole’s wet pussy. She kissed Carole’s neck as she circled her clit, and was startled when she felt Carole come so quickly.

“You came!” she whispered, as Carole continued to play with her own breasts.

“Yeah, you made me come.”

Nichy dried her finger from Carole’s come in her soft pubic hair, and then covered herself in her blanket again. Carole kissed her neck, and that was a turn on. She closed her eyes, as Carole undid her bra and her breasts were loose and under Carole’s touch. 

Carole never touched her pussy, but Nichy came all the same because her breasts were super sensitive.

She knew that Drew would enjoy her texting him about it. Then she reached for her phone excitedly, and took a selfie of Carole kissing her neck, and dropped her blanket to reveal Carole playing with her breasts.

“Seatbelts–” the stewardess started, before Carole and Nichy turned to her both bare-breasted and she walked away…

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  1. Yay for making my wish come true!

    Oh, and on another note, clearly I keep taking the wrong flights. Not sure if I want this to happen to me or just to witness it. πŸ˜‰ Both?

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