Masturbation Monday No. 136 — Pretty

That was pretty what you sent.Nichy stared at the text that Drew sent her, and closed her eyes. 

She and Carole went to Carole’s place since it was late, and Carole was the closest one from JFK. They both giggled about what had happened on the plane, and the overwrought flight attendant, who looked like she more wanted to join them more than looking upset.

“When are you going to see Drew again, after that show that you put on for him? Because what happened on the plane was not about me. I was just part of the show–but I got off so I don’t care.” Carole shot over her shoulder, standing at her bar.

Nichy bit her lip. What Carole said was true, what happened on the plane was all just a show for Drew. And she was not sure if she was ever going to see him again. 

He was just a fluke. He was just someone she met, and there was no way that she was going to be able to sustain what had happened. Even a fire as hot as theirs was, that made her feel parched now in New York, while he was in London was fully extinguished.

Tyler was away on a business trip. It was the worst timing that his trip overlapped with hers. Because she did not even have him to distract her, to remind her what she really wanted.


Graham had not been to see her for awhile either, and maybe that was because he wanted stability and she could not give him that. They had had it together, for a small time before they did not.

But now Drew…

Carole handed her a glass of wine, and Nichy spilled some on her coat and suitcase and they laughed.

“Need something stronger?” Carole quipped.


She wanted Drew.

I always want to be pretty for you…

Nichy texted him back, and stared at her screen because it showed the moving dots that meant he was typing.


Nichy looked up at Carole with a grin.

You are pretty amazing love, pretty bloody amazing.

Nichy gasped as a picture of her in bed showed up on her screen.

Took this because I could not help myself. It was early morning, I was about to make breakfast even though I had just sampled the most scrumptious morsel between your legs and you were stretched out in bliss and you know how that ended…

His text broke up into two parts, and Nichy smiled.

Yeah, we did not have breakfast…have you had breakfast yet?

It was breakfast time in London. 

Yeah, had a good wank thinking about your pretty cunt.

Nichy felt fire race through her cheeks, and wondered if maybe they were sustainable when she could still feel him inside her pretty cunt…
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