Masturbation Monday #178 — Paris At Last!!!

Paris had been calling Sabrina in her dreams, so she went there. With her friend Carole. She never told Carole about all the changes that she made with her persona. Carole just accepted her as her friend…period… Since Carole was in Paris, she could not resist going since it had plagued her dreams. And so […]

Masturbation Monday #179 — New York

Sabrina curled into a ball, overwrought with emotion and sensation. She and Carole had had a long night. Carole was within a breath’s reach of her on the bed, but Sabrina could not have any more sensation. She was sore from all the penetration, and licking between her legs. The man they had been with […]

Masturbation Monday #177 — Another Dream

Sabrina woke up clutching between her legs, and knew it was not a dream orgasm, it was an actual orgasm. Harry’s scent wafted into her nose from beside her, and made between her legs throb even more. Another Parisian dream, this one different from the others in that a) it resulted in an actual orgasm […]

Masturbation Monday #176 — Gargoyle

Sabrina lingered in bed, her hand on her mound which still throbbed from the pleasure of the dream that she had had. Ever since her first wild dream of Paris, she kept having dreams of the apartment—that only existed in her dreams—which she was always leaving for sex. …and walking into an encounter. The night […]

Masturbation Monday #175 — Suit

Sabrina smiled at Harry over breakfast, he returned her smile but he had no idea what she was smiling about. Last night, she had dreamt about her new persona. She was not even sure she was going to leave, but she dreamed up a persona. She saw herself in the mirror—in Paris—and her hair was […]