Masturbation Monday #180 — Sous La Tour Eiffel

When Sabrina woke up the second time, she saw a blurry Eiffel Tower. The curtain was thrown back, and she partially saw the tower. It was eclipsed by Carole and her man making love. Sabrina smiled, because she knew it was Carole’s fetish to be watched.

Carole was on all fours, as she was pounded and Sabrina could not help but admire all of the strength that was evident on her man’s body. She had felt his strength when they had had sex the night before. He pounded her as well, and he knew what he was doing so it felt so good.

Sabrina turned on her side, and was a little drowsy, until she heard a slap and realized that they were done.

“I am going to shower,” Carole said. “And then we can all have breakfast, I will make breakfast for us.” Their soft kisses like rain was the background, and then there was a slap that resounded again.

The bed dipped after awhile, and Sabrina felt a hand caress her body. There was a soft tremor as he touched her, and she turned around to look at him.

“Oh, you are awake,” he smiled, and continued to caress her. “You were so beautiful, I could not resist touching you.”

Sabrina turned onto her back, her entire body exposed to him. He admired her, but stopped caressing her.

“I am Gui, I am not sure if you remembered my name from last night?”

“Gui, I remember…”

He looked at her for a long time.

“Carole told me you would be beautiful, and she did not lie. I cannot keep my hands off of you.”

Sabrina shrugged, feeling her breasts shift on her chest and seeing his eyes watch them.

“So don’t…keep them off of me…”

She spread her legs open, and he took that as an invite. He spread them more, and kissed between them. Sabrina ran her hands through his hair as he did, looking at the Eiffel Tower behind him, now more in focus. He was good at what he did and he made her feel good, as she moaned and pulled his hair and felt herself rush toward orgasm. But when she came, she was not thinking about Gui—she was thinking about another guy

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