Wicked Wednesday #291 — Promote a Blog

Eliza had to see Oscar a few nights later, but this time at another bar. Some place that they did not know anyone, and that no one knew them. She really wanted it to be just them, and for them to be alone with what had happened between them.

She had not stopped thinking about it, because she really had not expected it to happen. She thought that they were really going to be only friends from this point on.

But as soon as they got there, and were seated in a dim corner, she placed her hand inside of his thigh. She kneaded softly, and then more intense with her need. Oscar looked in her eyes, and kneaded the side of her breast. Their touches were so filled with need, as their bodies pressed closer together…

…until they had to get up.

Eliza clutched Oscar’s arm, as they got up from the table and they did not even make it to the bathroom. He pressed her to the wall, and in a series of magnetic motions, they were one. Oscar covered Eliza’s mouth with his hand, as her moans rose with pleasure and she bit the inside of it. As they moved together, she had to clap her hand over his mouth.

The insides of their palms were red when they returned to the table, and Oscar’s had actual teeth marks—blood to the surface. He bit her neck when some of his scotch got into it…

They were so far from just friends, Eliza thought as she sunk into his bite.

This is the Promote a Blog post, and I want to promote Marie, Kayla and Molly who inspire me to blog. I also want to thank Mischa for picking me for the top 3 last week, since her talent as a writer is enviable.

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  1. Damn! I have said this before and I will say it again… the love between them is so steamy. But between Eliza and Terrence it was steamy too. She is one hot woman!

    Rebel xox

    PS: Thanks for the mention xox

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