Masturbation Monday #172 — Flee?

Sabrina needed it so bad. Her hands were shaking when she reached for Harry, and her eyes were glazed with tears of pleasure and hunger.

She looked at him, as she held the very tip of him in her hand. She circled the slot there with her finger like a tongue, and watched his muscles move like a language. Spread thighs, she was wet as fuck, but she still put a dab of lube on herself and on him and lowered herself. The first bit of him elicited a gasp from her. Just that soft opening, before he even filled her at all felt so good. Anymore would almost be too much.

But not enough.

And his eyes, the color of them were arresting and even more arresting on her.

Watching her take him in…

…it was later that she felt more vulnerable. Later lying beside him, her nose against his skin. His scent, his texture at her disposal and she realized that she was in love with him. And like always, her love story was bizarre but hers.

And for her, love was always disposable. Was this disposable? Would she walk away from Harry, like she walked away from everyone else? Because Sabrina was starting to realize that her common denominator in all of her situations was herself.

And she always chose to flee.

Nose pressed against Harry, she closed her eyes and wondered what she would do now…

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  1. While I’m glad she figured it out…and I’m loving their heat…her realization worries me. She’s prone to run when she gets scared and what if THIS scares her?! Not just him but her newfound understanding of herself????

    The suspense is KILLING ME!

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