Masturbation Monday No. 141 — Black Hole


Drew’s name was sweet on her lips. The taste of his mouth, the taste of his shoulder as she bit into it…In bed with him, she had an oral fixation. Nichy needed to lick and nibble on him, while they made love. Drew groaned softly, and let her lick and bite his chest and back. Even after love, she could not stop touching him with her mouth and hands.

She could taste him on her lips and fingers after when she went to the bathroom, and it made her want him all over again. Her fingers went from her mouth, to her labia and she could smell their scents mingle.

Her finger damp from her saliva, pee and come, she rubbed over her nipple sweetly and her body was electric with need for him all over again. She was on the edge of the toilet rubbing her nipple, when Drew walked into the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a hoarse British accent, and rubbed his face.

He rubbed his face, before his hand covered hers and he rubbed her nipple.

Nichy almost came over the toilet. Touching her nipple was enough to get her there, and the scent of Drew and her own arousal was too much. She closed her eyes, and felt like she going to black out. Like she was in a black hole with pleasure, she felt Drew hold her arms and she reached for him. She opened her eyes to lick and nipple at his stomach. He got hard as hell when she played with her fingers and mouth around his cock–without touching it. That was what he said with his accent, that made her close her eyes again as she entered a black hole of pleasure all over again…

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