Masturbation Monday No. 77 — Colors of Desire

It was the middle of the night, and Nichy woke up with the taste of sex in her mouth. She turned to her side, and saw Tyler was looking at her. Before she could even form a smile at him, he kissed her and half covered her.
Like they had never fallen asleep, Tyler started having sex with her. She had fallen asleep in his arms, because he had been fascinated with her body. Even when they were not having sex, she had been really surprised by how tender he was and how attentive he was to her. He was generous to both her and Renee as a lover, but she had never imagined that he could be like that with her.
That he was like that with her still.
She opened her legs, and he gently pulled them apart more. Tyler caressed her lips with his fingers, and she could taste him on her mouth. Their mixture of sex on her tongue was like ambrosia. She sucked his fingers, as he pressed them to her lips and then he dragged his fingers down the middle of her body.
When he reached the divide between her legs, he dipped his fingers inside her and sucked his fingers after like the juices of a fruit. Like something too sweet, to even lose the smallest trickle of juice on his finger. Nichy wondered if her could tell the difference between her and Renee at this point.
Renee turned on her side right then, and Nichy closed her eyes as she heard Tyler open the condom packet. That sound made her salivate like Pavlov’s dog at this point. It meant that he would be inside her, and there was nothing she wanted more right then.
He slipped into her, and she wrapped her arms and legs about him. So much had been demanded from her body, and yet she craved more. Tyler was happy to give her everything she wanted, she could not believe how generous he was as a lover.
And then she felt Renee’s hand on her breast—she had memorized Tyler’s touch already to know the difference. Renee caressed her breast with her fingers, and then her lips and then…Nichy came. Tyler moved in time with her orgasm, and she practically came off of the bed.
Tyler rolled off of her, and held her hand before he lie beside her. He played between her legs, stroking her lips and dipping his fingers in and out of her lazily. Renee kissed her pubic bone, and then licked between her legs. Nichy was still so greedy for more, and she moved against Renee with a hunger than she should not have felt.
Tyler held her hand, and Nichy loved that he was there too. Loved that she was part of this with her two friends, and amazed that she had waited this long to be part of them.
She felt submerged by the colors of her desire.

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kupka photo detail taken by f dot leonora


  1. Gawd, I think I started moving in slow motion just reading this. Languid, sensuous, erotic, and just fucking beautiful. This may be my favorite post of the entire series so far.

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