A Bit of Filth: A Combination of Three Sexy Memes

Nichy did not have anything to hide about the nights that she had shared with Renee, but she was not expecting how obvious it would be to other people. At work, even though Renee promised she had not told Tyler…he suspected something was up.

“What is it with you girls?” he questioned.

Renee smiled at her, and Nichy licked her lips.

“What?” Renee asked, as he looked between the two of them. His eyes lingered over their practically conjoined closeness at the cafe where they had lunch.

Nichy looked down, not understanding how she had gone from zero to infinity sex-wise. She  missed Gavin, but outside of a committed relationship, she felt like the world was her oyster.

Tyler continued to study them throughout lunch, but she and Renee just smiled.

Practically on fire, Nichy went to the ladies room not long after she got back to the office and unlike with Gavin, Renee could come with her. Literally.

In the bathroom, they took turns playing with each other. Renee pulled up her dress–she never wore underwear–and Nichy kissed her as she played with Renee’s clit. At the same time, she watched Renee’s ass reflected in the bathroom mirror. Suddenly, there was a click at the bathroom door, Renee pulled down her dress but not before Nichy gave her a smart spank.

“I will take care of you later…” Renee mouthed in the bathroom mirror, and Nichy read her lips perfectly.

Renee’s apartment was like a retro opium den. Its decor was of the most sumptuous and decadent colors and fabrics, and it had the warm scent of patchouli. And a sweet musk that Nichy was not sure of it was from the candle, or Renee.

Nichy twisted practically half off of the bed when Renee ate her out. It was worth it not to have come at work, so she could be that much more made to get off. Renee slapped her backside, and grabbed her hips to make her stop squirming off of the bed.

But Nichy could not help herself.

The doorbell buzzed.

Renee thought it was the food she had ordered, no cooking with of them so down to fuck that they did not even wait before getting in bed. But it was Tyler.

“Can I come up?”

“Sure,” Renee looked at Nichy. “Nichy is here.”

The women scrambled to put themselves together before he came up.

When Tyler opened the door, he smiled. He put his finger on Renee’s bare stomach.

“You missed a button…”

Renee shrugged nonchalantly,


“You’re fucking!” Tyler exclaimed, instead of you’re welcome. He looked at Renee, but even longer at Nichy.

They said nothing as they let him in, and they all sat on the couch. Nichy’s body was still fevered with Renee’s touch, and when Tyler put his hand on Renee’s thigh she remembered seeing them in the bathroom stall.

“Since when?” he asked, looking at Renee’s thigh.

“Since when you do keep tabs on me?” Renee asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t babe, but you know I wanted to share this one…” He raised an eyebrow at Nichy. “Would you want to Nichy? I mean I came over her because I missed Renee, but double my pleasure you are both here! Can I watch maybe?”

Nichy put her hand on Renee’s thigh.

“Once I saw you and Renee in the bathroom stall, and I watched.” Nichy admitted sheepishly.

“You watched us?” Renee asked, turning to look at her.

Nichy nodded.

“And?” Tyler asked.

“It was really hot.”

Without any staging, or any directions, Nichy moved her hand up Renee’s thigh and kissed her. Tyler, looking polished in his suit, leaned back on the couch and loosened his tie. Renee pulled her dress up over her head, and naked, she undressed Nichy. Tangled together in a kiss, Tyler unbuckled his belt and removed his cufflinks. He coughed, and Nichy liked how he seemed nervous about how to proceed. She let her foot caress his thigh, as she straddled Renee.

“Would you like to join us?” she purred coquettishly.

Tyler nodded as he took off everything but his pants. That he did slowly like a striptease artist. Nichy gasped when she saw him completely naked, because she had never seen him naked before. He was beautiful, and she took his hand. He pushed her up against the wall, and pulled her hair like some sort of bondage hair holding as he kissed her. Nichy nearly swooned. He did not need to be coaxed anymore, he pulled her against him and her arms went about him.

In Renee’s bed that looked like something out of a harem, the scent of their encounter still rampant in the bedroom, Tyler offered them bits of filth like candy. They were all salivating for the primal intimacy their bodies were perfumed with. In a heaving heap of bodies, everyone of her holes ruminating with use and still…

Nichy wanted more as she caressed her breasts, and Tyler’s side.

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  1. Oh. My. Gawd! I love Nichy more than now than I ever have before. In the beginning, I never would have imagined this adventurous sexual streak in her. Love it! More, please!

    1. thank you Marie, i say jump in from now if you have time–i usually link back to the pertinent posts!!!

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