Masturbation Monday No. 112

Usually, Nichy tried not to think about another lover while she was in bed with someone else. But she thought about Graham, and the things she had done with him that she had never done with someone else before. She wondered why she kept it so polarized, as if there were things that she could not do with anyone else. 

Paris had been seriously sexy for her and Tyler so far, and it remained so. His body was warm and hard against hers, and felt like summer. His finger played along her labia, and she closed her eyes. She liked his fingers in her, as much as she liked anything else. His finger probed her with the same familiarity as her own. 

He had watched her make herself come, his face so close to her that the inside of her thigh pressed against his cheek when she did. And he picked up her technique with ease. As he played with her, one thick finger, she wanted more…

Remembered more…

Graham had looked surgical with her once. She had been as aroused as she has ever been with him, and he asked her if she trusted him. Then, and now she trusted him sexually. It had not looked that sexy at first, but Graham had made applying lube feel like the main act. He applied his fingers slowly, and with a mirror to reflect what was happening it all looked like a magic act. In slow motion, she watched herself accept his fist. The sensation was as intense as he had promised it would be. Slow and labored he got inside her, and she came like she never imagined she could.

Tyler currently slipped another finger in her, and her thighs trembled from the pleasure of it and the memory of what she had done with Graham. Tyler must have sensed instinctively that he was in competition, because not with his fist but with his fingers he made her cry out. Nichy covered her face with her arm, but he moved it and kissed her while he finger fucked her until she was limp and ultra sensitive.

He pulled her to him after, and she could smell herself on his fingers. Nichy saw stars, and the light show the Eiffel Tower displayed in the distance behind the thin curtain was not nearly as bright…

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  1. I love the juxtaposition of her past and her present AND I love that she’s starting to realize what she did with Graham could be repeated with someone else. I think that takes away some of his mystique. AND AND AND I love that he made her come with much less effort than Graham (or that’s how I read it, lol).

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