Wicked Wednesday #230 — Slutfest

Eliza felt like a one-woman slutfest. She tried to play it cool in her office, eyeballing the mermaid card that Terrence had given her. But in his office, it was another story altogether.

The door closed behind her, and Terrence stood at his desk looking at her walk toward him. The sound of her own heels was jarring to her, as she walked over to him and stood before him.

Terrence’s fingers dawdled over his calendar as if they were pens writing an entry about her.

But his finger was suspended in pace for a moment before he held her close to him. Her kiss was softer than a feather, as he pulled her to him.

Eliza closed her yes and felt the sting of a common slut, because she never told Rafe or Oscar about Terrence…but she could not keep her hands off of him after the first time. Looking up at his face, Terrence had a firm, but soft smile on his lips as he looked down at her.

“Can I help you?” he questioned her.

Eliza closed her eyes, intoxicated by the warmth of his breath. His soft manner.

“Yeah, I need help…” she said looking up into his eyes.

On his desk, the small bag from where he bought her card crumpled underneath her when he placed her on top of the desk. The crumple of paper curled beneath her like waves, and when he called her his mermaid…when he called her that she almost came from that alone.

Her emotions moved in waves, she was torn beneath him. Waves of pleasure and pain moved over her body. She might be called a slut for her lifestyle, but she did not care. Terrence made her not care…not care about a anything but the waves of pleasure he created throughout her body…

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