Wicked Wednesday #249–Meeting

Eliza had had to get up off of her knees, when her alarm went off and she remembered she had an afternoon meeting. With the taste of Oscar still on her mouth, she stood naked before him and ran her hands over her naked body as if she was smoothing a dress.When she turned around, she felt his hand rest on her backside and braced herself as if he was going to slap her there.

But he did not.

Could still taste him in her mouth, when she got to the meeting–even after a cup of black coffee–and she could feel her mouth as if still filled with him when she took him deep. Took him deep, and smooth–barely gagging.

Eliza blinked sharply, as she realized that she had been asked a question, and luckily the words came to her like molasses. Slowly, but soon enough for her to answer and even get applauded for what she suggested.

Her lips still felt stretched and swollen from what she had done with Oscar. She was glad that Terrence was not at this meeting, because surely he would know. He would look at her lips, and know that she had spent the afternoon giving head.

She walked out of the meeting, and saw Terrence in his office as she walked to hers. Placing her hand on the cool brass handle, she held his doorknob like she had held Oscar just moments before.

Standing in the doorjamb, she let Terrence look her up and down with his eyes…
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