Wicked Wednesday #248 –One Man

Eliza was on her knees, her lips pressed to the inside of Oscar’s thighs. Her lips were misted with the warmth of her breath there, as she looked up at him. The expression on his face was so soft and tender, it made her feel like she could fall like a puddle at his feet.She closed her eyes, and kissed him. The warmth of his skin made her warm between her legs again. She loved Oscar so much, and she had missed him. Being with him again, made her her feel so comfortable in her skin. His body felt like an extension of hers, when they joined as one. 

But on her knees, nibbling his skin, and giving him a lingering blow job made her feel even more connected to him. More so then when he was inside her, because she loved the feel and taste of him so much.

“I missed you,” he said, caressing her face and making her open her eyes to look up at him. “Were you asleep?”

Eliza looked up at him.

“No, just savoring the taste of you…”

She licked his thigh, sloppily, and felt the saliva bubble under her tongue as her breath mingled with his scent. His scent was shelved in her memory, picked up and opened like a beloved book. 

Eliza knew Oscar’s body like she knew her own, cared about it like her own. He had been taking fairly good care of himself, but he was a little haggard. She medicated him with her mouth. Slow, but steady sucking as she knew he liked it. 

As she liked to with him, she practically came from giving him head–without touching herself. She got off on the selflessness if it.

Oscar was one man who she gave everything to…

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