Friday Flash No. 9 — Love is Love

This was what she wanted.Even with the extra garlic she had asked for in her ramen, and the fried garlic–but he had had it too…so when she kissed him, they cancelled each other out. She buried her face in his neck, to take in his warm scent. His scent stayed with her all the time, it was the fragrance of her memories of him and she thought about him all of the time. 

Now she wanted the visual.

As she unbuttoned his shirt, the tiny sound of popping made her fingers tremble. A mole on his upper arm made soft between her legs, she had wanted to see him for so long. 


Before her.

She swirled her tongue around his nipple, and felt his body stiffen at the sensation. Without stopping, she looked up at him and his eyes were warm and wet as he returned her gaze. Would he look the same way when she went down on him?

But she was not ready for that yet. Now, she just wanted to see every part of his body. Her sexual wanderlust was strong, and she wanted to venture every part of him. The texture of his skin, any other moles that he had, where she could touch him and set him on fire…

…it was most intimate to her after they had had sex this first time. When their bodies were tangled unceremoniously. The sweat on her body was semi-dry, and she was lulled by the sound of his breath returned to normal. His eyes were closed, and she studied his eyelashes, the spectrum of color and the gentle flutter before he opened his eyes and looked at her.

The love in his eyes warmed her more than any touch, and she blinked from his intensity. He did not have to say anything, nor did she. 

Love is love spoken or shown.

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  1. I enjoyed how you describe his body through her eyes – the mole on his upper arm, the way light light catches in his eyelashes -showing how love renders every detail of the lover’s body as special, precious, desirable. And “sexual wanderlust” – what a cool little phrase!

    The last line gave me goose-bumps … (I love an unexpected rhyme in the midst of prose, sometimes!)

    You might be late to your own meme, Ms Leonora, but it was worth the wait. No naughty corner for you! xo

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