Masturbation Monday No. 98

Nichy woke up, choked softly on the scent of rose geranium on her fingers, and her own scent on her lips. She could taste herself as if she had kissed her labia herself, instead of Graham. Graham who she had apparently fallen asleep on, and he ran his hands through her hair absently. But with Graham, nothing was ever an accident.She jerked up, and he grabbed her hair like a rein.

“What?” he barked.

She shook her head, and covered her mouth as she coughed.


“Sit on my lap…” he cooed. 

Nichy stared at him, her mouth agape. The next thing she knew, he tenderly pulled her up onto his lap. She curled into his lap, and buried her face in his neck. Graham caressed her bottom, and kissed her. Nichy looked up at him, and rubbed her bottom against his thighs. He was already getting hard, and her rubbing made steel of him.

“Nichy, I need to be inside you…Nichy…”

She needed him inside her, it felt so good and familiar on his lap. Grinding her backside into his thighs, Graham slapped one of her cheeks to still her. He pushed her pants down without any finesse, while he sucked on her neck. In contrast, he lifted her hips, and thrust into her at an angle that he knew would drive her crazy.

Except he did not move, she felt her lip tremble but knew better than to move. Nichy knew better than to make a sound. Graham caressed her bare backside, and she was so aroused she could have come from that.

But she knew better.

It seemed like forever in the dark, him inside her but not moving. Nichy was perfectly still, waiting for Graham.

To move.

When he did, it felt like he was trying to destroy her, he was so rough with her. 

She wanted him to be.

Nichy straddled him, the tips of her toes on the floor as she rode him. She drove herself into him until it hurt. It had to hurt for her, or else he had not touched her. When she arched her back, she saw her face like an upside animal in heat. She felt the sweat at her temples and between her breasts, she ground into him all the more.

She needed to feel him destroy her.

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