Wicked Wednesday #208 — Audience

Fiona almost fell off of the couch. She had stumbled into the apartment that morning, and plopped onto it. With her dress on from the night before and the taste of Josephine still in her mouth, Fiona had fallen fast asleep.They had practically fucked for an audience right outside of Josephine’s apartment door, earlier that morning. One of Josephine’s neighbors opened their door–and did not close it back–which turned Fiona on all the more. Apparently Josephine too, who kneaded her backside deeper. 

Fiona licked her lips at the memory. Her throat was parched, and she could taste both of Josephine’s lips on hers. She had not had sex with anyone except for Alice for so long which was weird for her, but being with Josephine was better than anything she had imagined. It was not difficult for her to see why Alice had been drawn to her. The neighbor who watched them through their door, probably wanted to know what it was like with her too.

Josephine opened her apartment door leisurely, her breasts having successfully burst her blouse open after their heavy groping on the way there. Her lace bra was gorgeous, and highlighted her large breasts.

Fiona was their solo audience, as she watched their encounter in Josephine’s full-length mirror beside her bed. It was beautiful, because Josephine was beautiful and Fiona saw her own naked lust face her straight on.

“You like to watch, you like to be watched…” Josephine whispered, licking the inside of her ear delicately.

Fiona had not like to be observed, she liked to observe. She liked to be the one who decided how things would be. But with Josephine, she was not the one in charge. 

And she liked it.

It was such a release for her not to have to be the one who called all of the shots. To have her hair pulled, and her clit handled rougher than she had ever had it handled. To have her bottom and between her legs spanked liberally. When she cried out, Josephine covered her mouth with her lips.

“You love it, I can feel how wet you are…what do you think you are doing?”

Fiona moaned, when Josephine kissed her neck and she threw her head back as she left a love mark on her that was going to leave no question to Alice as to what she had done. 

And she really did not care–at the moment–she was tired and sore from how Josephine had used her body. Her fingers drifted between her legs where Josephine had been, following the path to a tee. Fiona opened her mouth, and sighed. She had fallen asleep with her fingers between her thighs, they were redolent of the scent of sex like she had never had before. Her cheek was warm–her entire body was warm with a blooming fever…

What had she done?

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  1. Sexy shifts in your story, changing from an audience to the one being watched… and changing from the one in control to someone else being in control. Sexy in the exploration of something different.

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