Guest Blogger Exposing 40 Exposes All for the Camera!!!

It makes me sad that my elegant friend Exposing 40 lives so far away. I got to spend a few days with her while I was abroad, and even though we talk all the time virtually there is nothing like the real thing. She is amazing! She gave me this stunning guest post, that I now I get to share it with you…

Coming for the Camera

Lovers have photographed me. I have leant back on their cocks, as they pushed up my skirt to let the camera get a better view of my cunt. I have leaned forward as they grabbed my tits in their hands and clicked the shutter. I have looked into the lens, and met its eye as I sucked their cocks. But until you I had never fucked myself for the camera of a man who wasn’t my lover. 

I am an exhibitionist. For as long as I can remember the fantasies that make me come are the ones where I am being watched. And not ones where I am being watched by a secret voyeur, but ones where I am performing – on stage, in a shop window, to neighbors I know are watching…

I knew I would come for you. Even when I was still finding my confidence in the evening, relaxing with my first glass of wine, I knew I would masturbate for you. For your camera. I was surprised when I lay on my bed and slipped my fingers under the fabric of my knickers to find my cunt already wet. Very wet. I hadn’t even been conscious of getting turned on.

As I write this I can feel my cunt pulsing at the memory…

Is your cock twitching now?  

Can you feel it starting to strain against your jeans as you remember me circling my clit with my fingers beneath the lace of my knickers, my breath quickening? Did your cock press against your jeans that night as you pulled my knickers down to my ankles so your camera could get a better view of my cunt. So you could get a better view of my cunt. 

I felt you close at one point. My eyes were closed, but I felt your camera so close it was almost touched me. My hips bucked, my cunt reached up to your camera, as if it were reaching up to greet a cock. As turned on by a camera as I am by a cock.

You fucked me with my glass dildo. Hard. It hurt, but felt good, I wanted it to stop, I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted you to keep fucking me with the dildo. I wanted you to keep photographing me. I fucked myself with the dildo for your camera. I came quickly.  

Later on the sofa you moved around me, you dropped back to the doorway, you photographed from above, you stopped and watched. At one point I opened my eyes and you were lying on the floor, leant back on your elbows, a quiet smile playing on your lips. You looked content. That turned me on more. I wanted to see that look again. 

You moved behind me. You went quiet. I heard the gentle unmistakable sounds of you masturbating. I looked up and caught your eye. I kept masturbating but my mind is racing – I wanted to stop and watch you, I wanted to watch and come as I watched, I wanted you in my mouth. Then the taste of you was on my lips. I came again.


Please be sure to leave comments about how sexy and eloquent this post is–I am trying to get the lady to write a TON more!!! 

photo via Exposing 40


    1. Thank you for reading and for the comment, which interested me…I tend towards a balance of detachment and intimacy with my partners but hadn’t realised this came across in this post. xx

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