Wicked Wednesday #212 — View

Eliza took in the floor to ceiling view from the bar. Josephine had just gotten off of work, and they were going to another bar which puzzled her.”This is the most sought after view in the city Joe, maybe we should just stay here?”

Josephine stared at Eliza with exasperation, and she could not blame her. It was finally her time off, and Josephine probably did not want to stay at her workplace as stunning as it was.

“Only,” Josephine said. “Only if we stay in one of the private rooms, and I have to ask for permission. That is where the best views are…”

“No, the best view is right here…”

Eliza turned to look at her sister-in-law to be. Honestly, Eliza was jealous of Fiona in a way. She was happy that she was with Rafe, and Oscar’s scent was still on her dress. He had come as close to fucking her as he possibly could. But he was headed to Shanghai with Polly, and it did not worry her…but Shanghai was a place that held deeply imbedded memories for them. But for now, Eliza could still feel the heat of his body on hers. She could still feel his stubble against her cheek, and could feel him inflate beneath the table. Even though she had washed her hands his scent was still there, on her fingers. But she was still jealous of Fiona, who was more in love or lust than she had ever seen her. 

Josephine turned around to stare at Fiona, and Eliza felt like she was somewhere she was not supposed to be. As if someone had viewed her and Oscar moments ago, when they brought each other to mutual orgasm under the table while seeming transfixed on the view before them…with its expansive light cheddar colored moon.

Fiona panted, as Josephine walked away.

“You are really serious about Joe…” Eliza started.

Fiona licked her lips, and looked down at her hands which she wrung softly but nervously.

“If you do not even want to talk about her! You must really be smitten!”

Fiona stared at her now.

“Don’t embarrass me Liza, this is new and I am not even sure what I feel. I am just enjoying being with her…”

“I am jealous Fi, I am jealous of you, and your new love or lust!”

“You are marrying my brother who I have heard is very hot under the covers, and Oscar is crazy about you…how can you be jealous? Of me?”

Eliza shrugged, it was ridiculous when she said it out loud. Fiona was right, it was always interesting to view someone else’s life as more perfect than yours.

“We got the private room…” Josephine whispered when she returned. Her breasts bubbled from the top of her camisole, and Eliza watched Fiona look at her with unbridled lust. “Follow me?”

They did, where Eliza knew she would view their coveted new lust against the city’s most coveted view…

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