Wicked Wednesday #202 — On The Knees

Eliza grabbed Josephine’s arm, right before she got out of the reach.

“Josephine, wait…”

Josephine stared at Eliza, with empty eyes.

“What?” she asked, just as emptily.

“I need to know about you and Alice. Fiona,” Eliza began, feeling protective of her sister-in-law to be. “is Rafe’s sister and…Alice and her have been together for awhile…”

“Are you kidding me?” Breaking into hysterical laughter, Josephine pressed her head to the wall and stared at her friend. “Sometimes, I bartend at special events, and I was at the auction house where Alice works. She looked like an ice princess, and her boss looked the queen with their matching strings of pearls…”

Eliza froze when Josephine inadvertently mentioned Polly, but then she shook her head to encourage her to continue her story.

“She looked like an ice princess, but she kept looking at me while tugging at her pearls. And she looked like a princess, so I could not keep my eyes off of her. She only got drinks from me, even though there was a bartender closer it her than me. She would give a drink to her boss, and then sip hers still looking at me. Blood and sand, that was what they both had. I had to work, but she was so gorgeous, I could not stop staring at her.”

Josephine stared toward the door, and she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were wet, and Eliza fought the urge to wipe the tears away from her friend’s cheeks.

“I wanted the night to end because I really wanted to go home and think of her, while I made myself come. Thinking about her tight sweater and pencil skirt, would have made it so easy for me to come…I never thought…”
“Thought what?” Eliza pressed.

“Never thought that she would be on her knees before me. I thought she was drunk, but she was not. Alice wrapped her arms about my legs, and kissed my thighs in the ladies’ room. She said I was so beautiful, and she could not keep her eyes off of me. I heard out of her mouth everything I was had felt all night. I got on my knees, and we kissed like mad. I was off for the evening at that point, and I wanted to touch her all night so I was in complete bliss…”

Eliza sat on the edge of the chair in the bathroom, and continued to watch Josephine, who looked visibly calmer remembering.

“I’ve been in contact with her, and she never told me…and then to walk into my bar. My bar…”
Josephine walked back to the bar now, and Eliza did not stop her.

Eliza paced herself slowly to go back to the bar. Josephine remained the consummate professional, and made more drinks for all of the people at the bar. Including Fiona and Alice. It was a long time later that she went to the bathroom, and Alice followed her.

Eliza fell into Oscar’s embrace, and wondered if Alice was going to get on her knees before Josephine again.

Fiona looked at Eliza and Oscar with a lopsided grin.

“All the lovers are out tonight…” Fiona mused ironically.

Eliza smiled at her, squeezing Oscar’s hand and wondering if Fiona had any idea what she was saying.

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    1. thank you lovely! i have to say, writing last night i was like wow all these people are even less than six degrees of separation!

  1. Like the others I am in awe of how long you have been going with this story and how intriguing it continues to be. I wonder if there will be some girl action soon… 😉

    Rebel xox

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