Friday Flash No. 5 — Service

Loretta looked at her red-lacquered finger on the button. That button had become like Pavlov’s bell for her, when she pressed it. Months ago when she pressed that button, she had just expected to come in and clean a gentleman’s apartment. The apartment was huge, and the windows were opened letting her look almost back to her apartment downtown. She pulled up her sleeves, and prepared to go to work when the gentleman who hired her to clean his apartment appeared in the hallway. He mirrored her in white dress shirt and blue jeans. Soon after meeting him, she looked out toward downtown in just his dress shirt completely open and her body ruminating with the pleasure he had created within it.

That was how he liked her to clean. In his dress shirts–open, nothing underneath. Sometimes he liked her to wear his cufflinks. His cufflinks were as assorted as the charms on her Pandora bracelet. Naked except for his shirt, every motion to clean made her body a symphony of anticipation. Sometimes he was there, sometimes he was not there. When he was there, he never took his shirt off of her. Whatever he did with her, he did with his shirt on her.

After she pressed the button to be let in on her shifts, she knew if he did not come to the door in a certain amount of time she was free to use his key. Today was such a day, she put the key in the door and closed her eyes. Putting the key in his lock, was like the reverse of him entering her. Licking her parched lips, she unbuttoned her own dress shirt and folded it neatly on the table next to the door. Loretta stepped out of her jeans, and had another Pavlovian response to his dress shirts. She went through his dresser drawer to find a pair of cufflinks to put on as part of her service for the day…

Whether he was there or not he slipped through her like a ghost, she stood still for a moment and then remembered her purpose to service…

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