My Sexy Saturday: A Sexy Encounter

This past Sunday, I was my friend Ivy O’Hara’s guest blogger (yesterday she was mine!). I was nervous to be her guest because she is an enviably good writer! But she liked my story, “Hot Chocolate” . I guess I love writing about chocolate–I also wrote “Chocolate Covered” for Chemical Sex…want some chocolate?!
Adrienne smiled, and sipped her hot chocolate. Feeling like she was kissing the chocolate again, now she wondered what this man’s lips would feel like against hers instead. She did not know his name yet.
He stared at her lips, which she licked. He looked at her breaking the rules, for how long he should look into her eyes.
Her temples dampened as she continued to drink the hot chocolate, and to drink in her new companion’s appearance. He continued to study her lips, as she licked them. Studied them as she licked the homemade whipped cream with the tip of her tongue, before added it liberally to top her chocolate.
You can read finish my chocolate here, and read more sexy encounters here.
hot chocolate via wikipedia


  1. You constantly amaze me! The skill and deftness you can create such powerful prose, have such a strong sense of place (and of chocolate!) with so few words. And we’ve GOT to get a cup together. My fave in the neighborhood is Couleur Cafe.

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