Kink of the Week April 1-15: Glasses — Boys Who Wear Glasses

His lips surrounded the edge of his glasses, and Tamara felt it like it was her clit. There was the old adage that men do not make passes at girls who wear glasses, but there was nothing against making a pass at a man with glasses. Tamara was at a conference with Clifford, and she figured she was never going to meet him again, so there was nothing to stop her from approaching him.

From telling him exactly what she wanted from him.

She was in the hotel lobby, watching him suck on the edge of his glasses while he looked at the pamphlet for the conference. He was leaning against a column, and she leaned against the one diagonal from him. He never even looked up at her, but she felt such a fever between her legs.

“Hi,” she said, as she leaned against the column he was leaning against.

Clifford looked at her, as he put his glasses on.


Tamara pressed the inside of her thighs together, at the sound of her name on his lips. That he remembered her name, and used the right emphasis.

“Yes, Clifford?” she questioned, as if she was not sure.

He nodded, and smiled at her with his gaze fixed on her eyes in the way that let her know that he did not want to look further down her body. Tamara liked to wear dresses that covered her body, but that also showed off all of her curves. She loved her curves because they were hers, and she was not afraid to flaunt them. She was there as a financial specialist, so it was a given she had the brains.

But she was not afraid of her beauty.

Clifford was trying to be respectful, and pulled at his bowtie.

“Yes, I was just looking at the schedule for tomorrow.”

“Have you eaten?”

“Why no, I have not.” He looked at the bar that was parallel to them. With almost a silent consensus, they sat at one of the tables with plush scarlet chairs covered with scarlet and plum candles. Tamara could hold her liquor, but even though she could a glass of deep red wine beside Clifford on an empty stomach was intense. She was drunk before she even raised the glass to her magenta mouth, and was completely drunk by the time his naturally cherry lips touched hers. He had put his glasses to the side, and pulled her close.

“I want to taste you…” he said, against her jawbone.

Tamara watched her magenta lips part in pre-orgasm in his hotel room dresser mirror. Clifford sucked on her clit, the very same way that he had sucked on the frame of his glasses.

Perspiration beaded her temples like diamonds, as she watched him now. All this time later, she still had such a visceral reaction to his glassesβ€”on his face, or in his mouth…

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  1. Nice one, putting the glasses on a man. I liked your story. but there was nothing against making a pass at a man with glasses … good line!

  2. Fuckity fuck this is hot, the erotic tension in this is delicious and I love the way she knew what she wanted… and got it


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