My Sexy Saturday — Our Night of Sexy

In my story “Pleasure in the Unlikeliest Places,” Florentine falls into lust and then love with Jamie. Her feelings are primal as depicted below:

‘You’re so sexy, you are going to get me in trouble…’ he said into her hair.

‘Why?’ she looked up at him, silhouetted by the full moon beyond him.

‘Because you are making it hard for me to be a gentleman Flo…’
No one ever called her Flo. Everyone called her Florentine, and his use of the cute diminutive had always seemed more reason for her to not take him seriously. But, for the first time in her life, she was going to listen to her body and do what her body wanted.

Her body wanted Jamie.

‘I never asked you to be a gentleman…’ she purred against his chest.

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