My Sexy Saturday — My Sexy Day

My newest story for Lelo is based in the evening, but what happens surely makes it a sexy part of the day?! Peggy brings ice cream home for Jake, when she comes home from work…and he makes it very sexy for her…May I offer you a lick of ice cream???


‘Decadent…’ he murmured into her hair.

Peggy nodded, as he kissed her neck and took her hair out of its neat chignon. Her hair tumbled to the middle of her back, and soon was the only thing that covered her. She pushed her hair to the side, as Jake placed a scoop of ice cream on the small of her back. Feeling him lick the red pepper ice cream off of her back was a sweet sensation.

‘Delicious…’ he said.

Licking the ice cream scoop off of her was his favorite thing to do.


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