My First Friday Flash: Black Fishnet Pantyhose

Misty sat at her desk, unable to ignore the lazy horniness that filled her. She had not had a chance to do the laundry, and she had on no panties under her black fishnet pantyhose. Something about the fishnet was different than wearing even lace pantyhose. The tiny holes of her fishnets teased her clit, when she crossed her legs.

She closed her eyes as the sun hit her face, and crossed her legs again. The fishnet pattern teased her clit again, and she parted her legs as she sat forward. The heat between her legs was like the sun, even with her legs parted. Her clit was heavy with arousal from the teasing of her pantyhose, and she tugged at the waist wondering if she should take them off.

Tugging at the waist, made the fishnets press up against her clit again.

And again.

She tugged lightly at her waist, but the pleasure was intense. Intense enough that she kept tugging, intense enough that she sat forward and felt the fishnets tighten more and more against her. Her hips moved of their own volition, and she was glad that her window faced the width of the big city and was not across from another building.

Misty pondered going to the bathroom, but she had hit her sweet spot and her body curved around it.

“Hmmm,” she let out a soft moan, almost as if she were too tired to. She was almost there, almost—

“Misty! Did you send—”
Misty closed her eyes, her eyes tight with her orgasm as she started to pant. She opened her eyes and her boss stood in front of her looking troubled.

“Are you okay? You look flushed. Maybe you should take a break, and then look for those files…”

Misty barely heard a word that he said, as she got up to go to the bathroom. In the stall her fishnets were damp in the crotch with her come, and between her legs still rippled with the aftershock of her release.

When she washed her hands and looked in the mirror, she smiled at her reflection and her super bright eyes.

She was ready for the rest of the day…

This is the first time I am doing Friday Flash now that I am hosting it–won’t you join me?

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photo of fishnets by Big Miss Naughty


    1. thank you lovely, lovely lady. maybe you might want to write a flash for the site. you know you are FIRE!!!

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