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Friday Flash No. 15 — Tarot Reading/KOTW May 16-31 — Crawling

Her skin snagged along the floor, as she crawled toward him. She looked down to see if she had cut herself, and heard him undo his belt which made her clit so thick it was almost hard to crawl.

Almost, she would get to him, she needed him.

She had cut herself, the moisture of small blood beneath her did not end her progression forward.

Toward him.

Biting her lip, she licked them because they were parched. She had not had time to ready herself for love, but crawled toward him nonetheless. Parking herself in front of him, she looked up into his eyes for a nanosecond, her eye caught the shininess of his undone belt buckle.

But she eyed his throat, eyed the smooth skin there and her tongue leaped out like a lizard. She studied his throat like artwork, admired it and gave into her vulnerability with him.

Her vulnerability was what made him different, she allowed herself to be vulnerable with him. With their love, with their life.

Resting her head on his knee, she kissed the inside of his thigh. She loved his places like that, the parts of him that ached when his hot spots were loved.

“Look up at me,” he said, and she still studied his throat, desperate to love that bit of him. On her knees, she kissed the inside of this thighs and dryly cried for love as he pulled her closer.

The tarot cards on the table, had indicated there would be love…the gauzy fairies on her deck murmured love…

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Friday Flash No. 4 — Featuring the Ruby Glow!!!

It was rare that she wrote a scene with a lover in mind, but she really could not get him out of her mind. When she wrote a scene, sexy thoughts of him fluidly came between her fingertips and the keyboard. Her keyboard had an app that functioned as a typewriter, which felt very retro and she liked that. When she typed on it, she felt like an old-fashioned writer.

But every line she typed made her think of him, made her want to infuse him in between the lines. She imagined her fingers running through his hair, her lips on his warm skin taking in his temperature. Parting her lips, she sucked on his neck and gripped his scalp which she did instinctively and he liked.

The last time she thought this while writing, she touched her own neck and dipped her finger in the hollow there. She let her fingers travel down over the soft skin of her breast and the divide between them. Then lower to the divide between her legs, which shortened her writing time because she could not type with one hand.

But this time she was smarter, she took out her new toy. The Ruby Glow (for a chance to win one, click below!!!)–she loved it especially for its beautiful pink color. Now when she typed, if she thought too much about him, her pretty pink toy was between her legs for some hands-off fun.


And she would be able to continue typing away!

She returned to the first love scene between her characters. As soon as her fingers touched the keyboard, it was like a jolt of electricity went through her. If she raised her dress, she was pretty sure between her legs would be aglow. The sensation from having the toy between her legs made her think of him all the more, wishing he was making her feel like that. Resting her fingers on the home keys, she subtly pressed herself against the toy. Her fingers gripped her thigh, as if it were his scalp and she dragged her fingers against her skin like she would his hair.

She caressed the keyboard. There was such a difference with a hands-free orgasm. None of her own come on her fingers, and she would type her scene as soon as her clit stopped twitching. As if nothing had taken place, although he moved like electricity through her memory, and she ached for him…

I am dedicated to using all the verbs from the verb list created by Richard Serra—you can find the list here. Last time I used “bend,” today I am using “shorten.”

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Friday Flash No. 3 — Cocktails

Josephine adjusted her bowtie, when she saw her reflection in the mirror above the bar. Jackson teased her, that it was her preening mirror.

“Who’s the girl?” he questioned her with a smile.

“Just want to look good Jackson,” she smiled her smile that made him melt.

Before he knew that she liked girls, Jackson had been very excited that she was going to tend bar with him. He was a gentleman, not a hard flirt at all and she had been enchanted with his infatuation. They became fast friends, and he often marveled at how quickly she picked up women. She didn’t even have a technique—women just flocked to her.

Jake had not stopped smiling at her, Josephine saw out of the corner of her eye. But she was more interested in the retro glamour stunner who sat at the bar with the lame guy, who brought woman after woman there with one goal in mind. He was not nearly so successful as Josephine in the art of the pick-up, and Josephine wanted to get closer to the girl he was with. It gave her no small pleasure that the retro beauty looked at her up and down appreciatively. Josephine and Jackson wore the same uniform, but Josephine filled it out with her voluptuous tits and ass. Hell the guy with the girl had tried to come onto her once, but she had served him an icy scotch in a cocktail tumbler.

Josephine saw that the girl looked at her body. It did not mean anything, Josephine was the kind of woman that made other women look at her with longing whether they were into women or not.

She gave the girl a soft smile, as she walked over to them.

“Would you like another honey?” Josephine questioned sweet and softly, running her hands over her pants that she had creased perfectly.

The guy answered for her no, but the girl said yes,

“With extra cherries.”

The guy called her Kitty, before Kitty got up and went to the bathroom. She was clearly upset, and Josephine made eye contact with Jackson to go check on her. Rubbing her hands over her creased pants, Josephine looked in the mirror and cupped her breasts.

She would make Kitty all better…

My contribution to Friday Flash, is a flash prelude to this story. If you want to read more about Josephine, you can find her here. I am dedicated to using all the verbs from the verb list created by Richard Serra—you can find the list here. Yesterday I used “roll,” today I am using “crease.”

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My First Friday Flash: Black Fishnet Pantyhose

Misty sat at her desk, unable to ignore the lazy horniness that filled her. She had not had a chance to do the laundry, and she had on no panties under her black fishnet pantyhose. Something about the fishnet was different than wearing even lace pantyhose. The tiny holes of her fishnets teased her clit, when she crossed her legs.

She closed her eyes as the sun hit her face, and crossed her legs again. The fishnet pattern teased her clit again, and she parted her legs as she sat forward. The heat between her legs was like the sun, even with her legs parted. Her clit was heavy with arousal from the teasing of her pantyhose, and she tugged at the waist wondering if she should take them off.

Tugging at the waist, made the fishnets press up against her clit again.

And again.

She tugged lightly at her waist, but the pleasure was intense. Intense enough that she kept tugging, intense enough that she sat forward and felt the fishnets tighten more and more against her. Her hips moved of their own volition, and she was glad that her window faced the width of the big city and was not across from another building.

Misty pondered going to the bathroom, but she had hit her sweet spot and her body curved around it.

“Hmmm,” she let out a soft moan, almost as if she were too tired to. She was almost there, almost—

“Misty! Did you send—”
Misty closed her eyes, her eyes tight with her orgasm as she started to pant. She opened her eyes and her boss stood in front of her looking troubled.

“Are you okay? You look flushed. Maybe you should take a break, and then look for those files…”

Misty barely heard a word that he said, as she got up to go to the bathroom. In the stall her fishnets were damp in the crotch with her come, and between her legs still rippled with the aftershock of her release.

When she washed her hands and looked in the mirror, she smiled at her reflection and her super bright eyes.

She was ready for the rest of the day…

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photo of fishnets by Big Miss Naughty