Wicked Wednesday #241 — Anticipation

Anticipation filled Eliza, as she pressed her body closer against Terrence’s. His fingers still dug into her flesh, but there was trepidation there as well. She could not say a thing because she knew that she had put it there—the fear—so she let herself be soft under his touch. That was her true penance, not what he had indicated before.

Terrence let his hands rest on her hips, and placed his lips on her neck. Eliza remained soft and pliant underneath him. The sweetness about what might happen between them was so saccharine, that it made her teeth hurt almost.

When he kissed her lips, it was the sweetest kiss she had ever had. It was almost the sweetest anything she had ever had because she had had a lot of kisses that had been amazing, but with Terrence there was a difference in expectation. Eliza did not anticipate anything with him, but what happened with them in the moment. In the moment like now, he kissed her and she felt the tip of her vulva dampen like a fiery volcano. When he kissed her she forgot where she was, and did not care where she was in fact.

Except with him.

Their bodies pressed together with such fierce desire that she was sure there was smoke if you looked close enough, between their pelvic bones rubbing like sticks for fire. She looked up at him, and he looked at her for the briefest moment before he kissed her almost unconscious along her neck. Eliza bit the tip of her tongue from the sweetness of his breath, and the sensation of his warm skin.

The anticipation so great, it burst within her. All she thought of right then was the moment, and Terrence.

Terrence like God.

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