Masturbation Monday No. 80

Nichy heard her breath deepen as she lie on her side. Gavin’s arm was stretched out in possession it felt like, across her body.

And she loved it.

He had made love to her like a madman. She barely had time to catch her breath when they went to his place.

He pulled her hair, and she rolled her neck in response inside the apartment. She closed her eyes at the soothing sensation, as he pressed her up against the wall and rolled her head against the wall. The sound of her head bobbing the wall mirrored the throb of her heart and between her legs. His lips seared her when they touched her skin.

“I wanted to touch you the entire time I was away Nichy…” Gavin said, against her neck.

Later Nichy nuzzled into him as they spooned. She felt safe and protected, with his body behind hers. His breath comforted her.

On her dresser, she saw her phone flash in the dark. The quick glimpse of a juicy peach let her know it was Renee. She picked up the phone, and when she did she saw Renee and Tyler. Tyler was curled over Renee, who was on all fours. The image was a reflection from the mirror, in what Nichy assumed must have been Tyler’s apartment where she had never been.

She snuggled deeper into Gavin, the warmth of his body and the lack of pretense. She knew Renee and Tyler were giving it to her because she was with Gavin. Renee had been all over her before she got to the airport, and Tyler had nagged her so much about her never going to his place. The picture of them having sex was manipulative, and she felt happy that was not what she and Gavin were about.

He wrapped his arm about her breasts and kissed her neck right then.

Nichy savored his touch.

“Gavin?” she whispered.

He did not answer and she realized he was still asleep. She closed her eyes but then she caught a flash of his phone. She saw MJ from Spider Man, and her blood ran cold. Gavin had told her that he used to call his ex Maggie Jane, MJ. And for her, he used the MJ image on his phone as his image for her.

Nichy’s nipples became icy under his touch. She knew that they were not committed, and that was why she was able to get involved with Renee and Tyler while he was away. But he had told her that he was not in contact with MJ anymore. Why was she calling him this late at night?

Her nipples warmed, as Gavin caressed them. He kissed her neck, and her breath became heavier. When he touched her, she stopped thinking about MJ. He was with her, and her body ached for him. Her body responded to him with the same ease, with which she slipped under him and he covered her body.

His phone buzzed, and she looked up at him.

“MJ,” he said, under his breath.

While he was still inside her…

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  1. What the?!?!?! Are you f-ing kidding me? They send her a manipulative little message and then he does THAT?! Right as she’s having the warm fuzzies about him?! My heart is pounding over here…I think my blood pressure just went up!

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